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The last time I wrote anything on a blog was some time in 2013. I have my old blog archived in a .zip file somewhere on my Mac or locked away in my tiny slice of Amazon S3 storage. Regular followers, if they still exist, and friends know that I spent just over five years slightly removed from K-12 working for a small Silicon Valley-based tech company. It was interesting work and I had the good fortune of working with an awesome team. But I was ready to get back to the work; back to rolling up my sleeves and digging into work that more directly impacts kids in my own community. After a whole lot of waiting and watching and periodically perusing local school districts for the Right Fit, I landed in my current role in my home district. It’s a great place where my wife works and my kids go to school and it’s nice to have the whole family on the same calendar for possibly the first time ever. When I left the principalship to enter the private sector, my kids were in kindergarten and third grade. Now they’re in sixth and ninth grades. To say I’ve missed a lot is an understatement. I’m glad to be back in K-12 and, though I’m learning that working in central office means less day-to-day interaction with kids, I’m glad to be working on the projects I’m tackling right now (more on those later, no doubt). I created a new writing space here shortly after I was hired and kept putting off my first post waiting for the perfect thing to say or the perfect story to share, but as Seth Godin wrote not long ago:

You can merely start.
Scott Elias @scottelias